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Interview: Hera Hilmar on ‘An Ordinary Man’, Auditioning and Working with Sir Ben Kingsley

Hilmar chats about working with Kingsley, the research she did for the film, getting her start in Iceland and her time at the London Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Aidan Gillen on Auditions, ‘Game of Thrones’, and Having a “Pinball” Career

"I've never been good at auditions and I've never really gotten many jobs from auditions." - Aidan Gillen

Anna Kendrick on Why She Became a Actress and How She Got Her Role in ‘Up in the Air’

"It became the way that I learn about myself and the way that I learn about other people." - Anna Kendrick on Acting

Alden Ehrenreich on Auditioning for Han Solo and His Early Career Success

"Each film and each character is a completely new set of challenges." - Alden Ehrenreich

Zachary Quinto on What He Misses About Auditioning and Live Theater

"I loved auditioning because it was just an opportunity to act. Whether or not I got the job was the next hurdle, but the idea that I would get to act that day was the thing that excited me the most about it." - Zachary Quinto

Damon Herriman Talks Auditioning in America, ‘Justified’ and His New Show, ‘Quarry’

"It wasn’t lost on me that had they not seen Justified, it was very possible that my first audition may have passed them by." - Damon Herriman on His Audition for 'Quarry'

Interview: Mike Birbiglia Talks ‘Don’t Think Twice’, Auditioning and Not Resting on His Laurels

"The most important thing in anything, is that you always have to be learning no matter what you’re doing." - Mike Birgiblia

Tony Award-Winner Leslie Odom Jr. on Auditions and Broadway Casting Director Bernie Telsey

"There's something about the fighting for it, I think, that's healthy. You gotta prove yourself. I'm not above that. I will never be above that. Bring it!" - Leslie Odom Jr. on Auditioning

Dan Fogler on His Long ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ Audition

"I went to L.A and there was another test and they were just like we love you, we really like you, and then nothing happened!" - Dan Fogler

Susan Heyward Talks ‘Powers’, Martin Scorsese’s ‘Vinyl’, Auditioning and More!

"I think audiences want to watch characters go through something, so it’s kind of okay to leave things a little messy, a little undone, if we can be truthful to that." - Susan Heyward on rehearsing

Seth Gabel and Tamzin Merchant Talk ‘Salem’ Season 2, Acting Surprises and Working With a Rat

"The testing process for an actor is always rigorous and intense and you’re waiting in a room all day for all these executives to get together and say that they’re ready to see you" - Seth Gabel on Auditioning

Interview: Orange is the New Black’s Julie Lake Talks Season 3, Auditioning and Her Characters Backstory

"There are so many fantastic actors in the cast that it is kind of like every scene is a master class in acting." - Orange is the New Black's Julie Lake

Interview: Nurse Jackie’s Mackenzie Aladjem on the Final Season, Auditions and Musical Theatre

It’s Nurse Jackie‘s final season and 13-year-old Mackenzie Aladejem, who plays Jackie’s (Edie Falco) daughter Fiona, told me that when the show is finally over, it’s the cast and crew that she’s really going to miss. “Especially Edie, because she’s become a second mom to me.” Mackenzie, who joined the show in season 2, started acting at a young age when she got the part of Molly in the National Tour of Annie. That tour made her fall in love with musical theatre, something she hopes to go back to at some point in the future. And since Jackie was ... Read more

Judy Greer: “I get a little bit of a high from auditioning”

As the actress who has played the best friend to some of Hollywood’s most familiar faces like Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lopez, Judy Greer must know a thing or two about auditioning. She’s nailed the role countless times to become one of Tinsel Town’s most successful character actresses. She talked to Co.Create about her thoughts on the dreaded audition. Greer shared, “I get a little bit of a high from auditioning, almost like going on a first date where I’m challenging someone to like me. And if I do two pages of a weird scene in front of a room ... Read more

Even After ‘Iron Man 3’ and ‘Memento’, Guy Pearce Still Finds Himself Auditioning For Roles

Guy Pearce has had an extraordinary career with movies like Priscilla, Queen of the Desert to his breakout role in LA Confidential. Even though he’s a strong leading man on-screen, getting into acting was a way for him to survive. The English-born Australian actor lost his dad at the age of eight and his mother turned most of her attention to his older sister who had Down’s Syndrome. Pearce described what acting did for his life, “On some level, acting was a survival thing, I suppose. I never made the connection at the time, certainly, but this ability to go on ... Read more

Auditioning Nerves? Let’s Get Rid of Them!

Written by Shari Shaw You’ve got a lot of nerve!  One of the biggest challenges actors face is overcoming nerves in the audition room. In the martial arts, we are taught to use our opponent’s strength to our advantage. The same goes for audition nerves. Your nerves must motivate you to take the necessary steps to relax, understand your character and know your intention in your audition scene.This will give you all the confidence and power you need to beat your nerves and banish them forever. When you feel that warning signal of nerves – the fluttery stomach, the headache, shortness of breath, the confusion and fear, the lack of confidence – take ... Read more

Oliver Cooper’s Advice on Keeping Busy in Hollywood: “You’ve gotta create it for yourself”

Oliver Cooper has starred in movies like Project X and Runner Runner, but his latest role might be his most intriguing. He’s starring in Showtime’s Californication as David Duchovny and Heather Graham‘s son. When told by The Wrap that they were surprised he was cast in the role of Duchovny’s son, he replied, “I probably wouldn’t have guessed myself either.” Cooper got the role the old-fashioned way, he auditioned. “It was a traditional audition. I went in there to meet with the casting director and there was a bunch of [kinda] fat kids that looked just like me. They didn’t tell us ... Read more

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