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Sarah Paulson: “I muscled a lot of what I’ve achieved by sheer force of will and relentless determination”

"If my career had turned out like the fantasy I had of what it was going to be, it would never have made me happy" - Sarah Paulson

Sarah Paulson Talks ‘The People Vs OJ Simpson’ and How She Strives to Get Her Character Right

"I wonder sometimes if being in the Ryan Murphy world — in that I get to play so many different types of characters within that one TV show — that there really isn't time to sort of typecast me as one particular kind of thing." - Sarah Paulson

David Schwimmer Steps into Robert Kardashian’s Shoes on ‘American Crime Story’: “I wasn’t trying to mimic him ever”

"I didn’t know who he was, and I needed to do my homework” - David Schwimmer on Playing Robert Kardashian

Cuba Gooding Jr.: “I was in the wilderness of Hollywood for almost ten years”

"I wasn't getting the roles offered to actors that hadn't done a third of the roles I had done, or had the popularity I had." - Cuba Gooding Jr.