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Idris Elba: “Drama is therapy”

"How is it possible for me to be in one state of mind, and then say 'Action' and go into another state of mind?" - Idris Elba on acting

Acting Schools and Colleges in New York

Looking for New York Acting Schools? Check our our list below! If you’re able to afford it, enrolling in an acting school in New York is probably one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. First of all, it’s the heart of the theatre world and as a young actor, there isn’t a better place to be. Secondly, you’ll probably never be around a group of people more dedicated to their craft than New York actors. When you’re in the city going to school, you’ll live and breathe acting. How great is that?     Some of the other benefits ... Read more

Life Is A Pratice

We’re so oriented toward the doing, toward the getting somewhere that we put such extreme pressure on ourselves to not only get there immediately – but at whatever cost.

Our Limitations Are Just Habits

It's easy to get lost in our own 'thoughts'. But repetitive thought doesn’t make something truthful. It just makes it a belief.

What is An Actor’s ‘Essence’

Your understanding of, and control over, the three elements that make you unique, are essential for marketing yourself in the Biz.

Changing Your Inner Dialogue

Do you ever feel like you just sleep-walked through an entire month? A year? Just going through the motions in life?

Meet Your Edge Then Get To The Other Side

Often we think we will “be happy when”, but once these end goals are achieved you’ll often find that your life is still the same.

Nathan Fillion Thanks His Soap Years

"I logged more on camera hours in my first three years of my career on 'One Life to Live' than I have in the rest of my career put together"