‘Recent Tragic Events’ (Ron): “Do you hear that?”

Recent Tragic Events Monologue


From: Play
Type: Comedic

Character: Ron, a free-spirited musician
Gender: Male
Age Range: 20's | 30's

Summary: Ron tells Andrew what a New Orleans pyschic told him

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RON: I don’t believe in God, per se… but prayer is still kinda cool, as a way to move energy around, you know what I’m saying?

This is psychic I went to in New Orleans last time I was there – I go down there every year with my friends with the Cajun catfish stand, he sets up deals with the whole gumbo thing – and this psychic told me I’m sensitive to how energy moves and that’s why I’m a musician … but she said it also makes me very sensitive to the tunes of life, which is all prayer really is, it’s got nothing to do with God or there being a God or anything, that’s what she said, prayer is not begging God for something, it’s just listening to the secret unfolding music of life and then playing your part.  And because I’m a musician, I can do that.  She said.  Like, I can hear things other people can’t, like right now.  I can hear something coming.

There. Do you hear that? That little “doot”? See, I do. There it is again. You don’t hear that, do you? See, that’s what she meant.


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