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Jeff Singer Headshots San Francisco (415) 309-9749    
Kristen Lara Getchell Photography San Francisco (510) 545-2741    
Kurty Photography San Francisco (415) 285-9000    
Mischa Photographic Artists San Francisco (415) 550-0266    
Mystic Eye Photography San Francisco (415) 424-8453    
Tommy Photo San Francisco (408) 937 4427
Channing Tatum’s Reddit AMA Covered Everything from ‘Magic Mike XXL’, His “Bad” Acting in ‘Step Up’ and Frozen Poop
"I do get nervous to act, it kind of depends on what it is really." - Channing Tatum
Taylor Kitsch on Living Up to Season One of ‘True Detective’ and Sleeping on New York City Subways
"I had someone very close to me say to me that hopefully I’ll have many more ups and downs, not in just my career but in life. If you don’t have that, you’re not taking enough risks." - Taylor Kitsch
Sutton Foster Talks Ageism and Her Need To Be Creative
"Even when I’m not working, I’m still working on something because I just want to create something." - Sutton Foster
Paul Dano on Playing Beach Boy Brian Wilson: “I’ll probably never find a better acting job”
"Learning to play Brian’s songs, without question, brought me closer to the character." - Paul Dano on playing Brian Wilson in Love & Mercy
David Oyelowo On Why He Became A Method Actor
“You can’t afford for there to be gaps in your pool of knowledge when it comes to a character, otherwise what ends up onscreen is generalized and unspecific" - David Oyelowo