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Michelle Pfeiffer: “I’ve always had this feeling that one day they’re going to find out that I’m really a fraud”

"I still work pretty instinctually—it's a little bit like hearing the rhythm of the character in your head." - Michelle Pfeiffer

Ewan McGregor on Playing Renton Again in ‘T2 Trainspotting’: “It all felt right”

"I feel being Renton again, he was just waiting inside me to come out." - Ewan McGregor

David Oyelowo on Staying in Character During Filmming: “Different roles require different things”

"My ambition is to keep the audience guessing…that is my path to a long career." - David Oyelowo

Guy Pearce on Playing Villains: “The key is to find something they believe in and just run with it”

"It’s difficult to keep an audience engaged unless they see some vulnerability or some weakness." - Guy Pearce

Patrick Stewart Relates Playing Charles Xavier in ‘Logan’ to His Earliest Days as an Actor

"I loved shifting from character to character, type to type, emotion to emotion." - Patrick Stewart on His Early Acting Career

How a Failed Audition Started Lucas Hedges’ Career

Hedges reveals how a failed audition jumpstarted his career and how he mastered that tricky Boston accent for the Massachusetts-set film.

Jeff Bridges: “You might magnify those aspects of yourself that work with the character”

"Start with yourself and see what kind of lines up with the character" - Jeff Bridges

Viggo Mortensen on How He Became an Actor

"It didn’t occur to me to try acting it until I was, for an actor, relatively pretty old — 22 or 23." - Viggo Mortensen

Michael Fassbender on Finding a Character: “If I can make them logical to myself, then I apply them, and that’s really it”

Fassbender talks about his parents' concern about his action aspirations and why he reject the idea that he is an "intelligent actor."

Scarlett Johansson on Choosing Roles and “Pushing Your Boundaries”

"Breathing life into a character means celebrating and recognizing the fullness of them..." - Scarlett Johansson

Casey Affleck on Finding a Character: “It’s such an internal and complicated and still mysterious process”

"The fun part for me is endlessly talking about why does he do this, or why does he do that, or why doesn't he? I really get into that." - Casey Affleck on Rehearsing

Ben Mendelsohn on His ‘Rogue One’ Villain and Finally Getting Work in America

Mendelsohn spoke about playing one of the Empire's nefarious villains in the latest Star Wars film.

Andrew Garfield on What He Loves (and Hates) About Acting

"I want to know everything about everything, and that's not possible and it won't be possible." - Andrew Garfield

Ryan Gosling on Improvising and His True Audition Story That Made it into ‘La La Land’

"I do love movies but I love making them more. I've never found something professionally that engages me as much as that." - Ryan Gosling

Aaron Eckhart on Playing a Real-Life Individual: “I was always watching, always talking in his voice.”

"They're going to be judged based on your performance by millions of people." - Aaron Eckhart on Playing a Real Person

Adam Driver Talks ‘Patterson’, Preparing for a Role and Second-Guessing His Work

"I love the idea of doing a lot of takes because there's so many different ways that you can play scenes" - Adam Driver

Bryce Dallas Howard on Pursuing an Acting Career: “I hedged my bets like crazy”

Bryce Dallas Howard: "And my grandmother said to me, "Do you know what the rate of the average working actor in SAG is, in terms of how many auditions it takes for them to get a job?"

Aaron Eckhart: “I have a saying: ‘If you’re sweating, you’re doing it wrong'”

"People ask me, 'Why aren’t you sweating?' And I say, 'Because I am making myself effortless.' The physical is key." - Aaron Eckhart