Second Guessing Yourself as an Actor? Brie Larson Does It Too

Actress Brie Larson

“I guess the truth is, for me, no matter what recognition I get, I think I am always going to question myself.” – Brie Larson

With apologies to the great Sally Field, not every actor who wins an Academy Award walks up to the podium thinking, “You like me!” For example, Brie Larson might have won an Oscar for her extraordinary performance in 2015’s Room, but she told Good Morning America that she still questions whether or not she is a good actress and whether she is making an impact on the world.

Prior to her recent critical acclaim, Larson says that she spent long periods second-guessing herself, as many actors do. She reveals, “For most of my life, if I wasn’t on set, I was going on three or four auditions every day. If you’re not working, you’re just sitting at home with anxiety because you think…’I’m never going to make it.'”

Though she is now an Oscar-winning actress, Larson confesses, “I feel the same,” explaining, “It hasn’t changed how I feel about myself. At the end of the day, I still question if I’m a good actor, I still question if I am doing enough to help the world.” She even refers to her Oscar win as “random,” adding, “I guess the truth is, for me, no matter what recognition I get, I think I am always going to question myself.”

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