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Ruth Wilson on Creating a Character, Accents and More

I create a workbook by which I go through and write down everything every other character says about my character, what I say about myself and others

Michelle Pfeiffer: “I’ve always had this feeling that one day they’re going to find out that I’m really a fraud”

"I still work pretty instinctually—it's a little bit like hearing the rhythm of the character in your head." - Michelle Pfeiffer

Chris Evans on How Characters Mirror the Audience

"Even though you're on a giant movie with a huge budget and strange costumes, you're still on a hunt for the truth of the character..." - Chris Evans

Woody Harrelson on Choosing Projects and What He’s Still Trying to Learn as an Actor

"There’s so much to nonverbal communication that I have yet to really understand as an actor" - Woody Harrelson

How Laura Dern Avoided Typecasting

Dern reveals that she is simply following the advice given to her by her actor parents, Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd, decades ago.

Laura Linney on Her Acting Education, Advice from Kevin Kline, and Her Best Career Decision

"When people ask me, ‘What was your big break?’ I say it was going to Julliard." - Laura Linney

Guy Pearce on Playing Villains: “The key is to find something they believe in and just run with it”

"It’s difficult to keep an audience engaged unless they see some vulnerability or some weakness." - Guy Pearce

David Oyelowo on Memorizing Lines

"The only thing that works is hours and hours of saying them over and over and over again" - David Oyelowo

Jeff Bridges: “You might magnify those aspects of yourself that work with the character”

"Start with yourself and see what kind of lines up with the character" - Jeff Bridges

How Does Mahershala Ali Get Into Character?

One way Mahershala Ali - especially while working on multiple projects at once -is that he makes music playlists for each individual character

Watch: Jason Momoa’s War Dance Audition for ‘Game of Thrones’

"On Game of Thrones, [Drogo] doesn’t say much. So how do you convey him? There’s nothing in the script." - Jason Momoa

Sutton Foster on the Importance of Being Prepared

"A lot of people say, ‘What’s more important: acting, singing or dancing?’ And I say, always acting." - Sutton Foster

Tom Hardy Talks About the “subtleties and complexities and paradoxes” of Playing Villains

"I have to find an identifier, a silhouette which immediately radiates something for me." - Tom Hardy on Creating a Character

Viggo Mortensen on His First Movie Role and Why It Didn’t Bring Him Instant Success

"I’ve always stuck to a similar approach with each job. Show up on time and prepared, and pay attention." - Viggo Mortensen

Octavia Spencer on Period Pieces: “I don’t come out of the time period; I stay in it”

"I listen to music of the time and I only deal with family and friends that are on the film" - Octavia Spencer

Tom Hardy on How He Prepared for His Role in ‘Taboo’

"I really think about acting in two different parts. There’s convincing and not convincing acting." - Tom Hardy

Greta Gerwig’s Advice to New Actors: “Make your own things”

"When I suddenly feel like I can't find my footing, I listen to a song or look at a photograph or read an essay, and reconnect with what I felt the essence of the character was." - Greta Gerwig

Watch: Krysten Ritter Discusses Her Mentor Relationship with Her Acting Teacher

Ritter speaks about her relationship with Ballentine, how her support helped her survive in LA and how it has made her a better actress.

Mahershala Ali: Our Job is “to consistently put ourselves in a position where we’re uncomfortable and going beyond our comfort zone”

Ali points out that having anxiety or fear about a role shows that he's getting close to finding his character.

Tom Hanks on Acting: “There are no shortcuts. Dear God, I wish there was, but there’s not”

"What would I do if I was in the circumstances of that man, that woman, that child, that android?" - Tom Hanks