Casting Director and Agent Mailing Labels

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Don’t you hate updating labels? Tracking down casting directors or agents, making sure they’re address is up to date or even driving to the bookstore to buy the actual labels?

Well, look no more. Now you can get up-to-date and accurate labels right here!

Download these Word mailing labels for Los Angeles or New York directly to your computer to quickly and easily send your headshot and resume to agents or casting directors that are currently casting. They are formatted to use Avery 8160 Address Labels.

Stop wasting time:

  • Updating labels
  • Finding the casting directors who are currently casting projects
  • Making sure addresses are correct

Up to date and accurate!

“Your list is Better than Breakdowns and Now Casting & it’s downloadable. Brilliant!”
James DuMont – Treme, Grey’s Anatomy, Jurassic Park 4

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**If you see that a set of labels you want aren’t updated, please contact us! Odds are we haven’t uploaded the latest set yet!**

Los Angeles

Casting Director Labels – Updated April 8th!

Description: Labels of shows & films that are currently casting. Usually includes 9 pages of labels.

Word Version (Fully Editable!)
Price: $6.95


Commercial Casting Directors Updated April 8th!

Description: Includes 2 pages of labels.

Word Version (Fully Editable!)
: $6.95


Theatrical Agent Labels Updated February 11th!

Description: The latest theatrical agency labels.

Word Version (Fully Editable!)
Price: $6.95


Commercial Agent Labels – Updated April 8th!

Description: The latest commercial agency labels.

Word Version (Fully Editable!)
: $6.95



 New York

Casting Director Labels Updated April 8th!

: Labels of shows & films that are currently casting.
Please Note: These labels are only for Film/TV casting directors. We are actively trying to add theatrical casting directors. It’s a very small list and I don’t recommend purchasing it at this time.

Word Version (Fully Editable!)
: $2.95


Agent Labels (Commercial & Theatrical) – Updated April 8th!

Description: The latest agent labels.

Word Version (Fully Editable!)
Price: $4.95


New Policy! If you purchase our labels and we update them within 5 days after your purchase date, we’ll send you the new ones for free!

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