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5 Tips For Mind Blowing Confidence!

Here are some tips to boost your confidence as an actor!

12 Ways to Kick Ass at Improvisation

Being confident in improvisation is essential for all actors!

Should You Go to a Full-Time Acting School?

It depends on many different factors, and the decision has to be up to you, but here are some pros and cons to help you decide.

Do You Feel Like You’ve Hit a Wall In Your Acting Career?

You’re making contacts, you’re applying for roles, and you have an agent... But you never hear back, right?

When You Believe, You Will Achieve

If you’re not where you want to be yet, it’s because your mind hasn’t reached that place.

Turning Your Passion Into an Actor Survival Job

So many of us turn to the go-to survival jobs for actors: waiting tables, temp office work, promo work, nannying.

When You’re ‘The Little Guy’

As artists, it’s your job to be in touch with your emotions, but it doesn’t have to dictate your life.

Are You Really Doing Everything You Can To Further Your Acting Career?

There are so many talented actors out there, can you honestly say you are doing everything you can to further your career?

Actors… Stop Attacking Each Other!

This industry is hard enough as it is without actors criticizing each other and questioning each others choices and motivations.

Is it Time for New Headshots?

Here's 3 Questions That Will Help You Decide If You Need New Headshots

As an Actor, You Need the Mindset of a Warrior

Learning to be in control of your own mind gives you freedom.

How Well Do You Know Your Characters Relationships?

What is your character’s relationship to any objects, places and events?

“Create your own work!” Okay… about what?

Remember to play to your strengths as an actor. You don't need a fancy camera, or the latest editing program - you just have to work really really hard...

When Choosing a Headshot Photographer, What They Do Is What You Get

When you hire someone to do something for you — an artist, a skilled worker, or anyone for that matter — what they do is what you get.

Ignore the Haters and Focus on You and Your Goals!

Whenever we put ourselves out there, we open ourselves up to haters but is that a good enough reason to put us off doing what we love? No!

How to Bring a Scene to Life and Captivate Your Audience

Your job as an actor is to move your audience and allow them to enter into the fantasy world that you have created.

10 Tips For Choosing The Best Monologue For You

There are so many monologues out there. How do you know which one to choose?

Don’t Shortchange Yourself by “Self-Editing” Your Headshots Before Your Reps See Them

No one cares if your eyes are asymmetrical or if your smile is crooked. All they care about is if you look like you can play the part. Period.

14 Things You Can Do To Stop the Casting Director Workshop Scheme in Hollywood

Over the next few months, there will be some dramatic changes in the way the workshops are seen as a "tool" in Hollywood.

Setting Goals: What is Important to You?

Once we decide on our goals, we need to work on them every day.