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How to Pick Yourself Up When You Have Post Show or Filming Blues

Here’s what to do to pick yourself up again.

4 Ways to Make Your Own Luck

Keeping yourself prepared is one significant way to make sure that luck is on your side.

You Weren’t Born to Blend In: How to Stand Out As an Actor

There is a crazy amount of actors out there, BUT THERE IS ONLY ONE YOU!

What To Do When the People Around You Aren’t Supportive

All you want is some encouragement. A simple “I believe in you” or even just a “well done” would mean the world.

How to Win At the Headshot Game

Your headshot needs to capture you. Your unique personality and how you’re castable.

How to Write a Winning Actor Cover Letter

Your marketing materials are top quality and up to date. Now you need a winning cover letter to go with your application.

Seven Tips For Raising A Child Actor

What’s the best advice for handling everything that comes with raising a child actor?

How to Write Your Actor’s Bio

An actor’s bio is simply a summary of your career.

What Should You Write To Casting Directors?

If you are ready to get on the radar of the casting directors and are willing to do what it takes, read on and take action.

Finding Happiness as an Actor

Success and happiness come to us when we remove our egos and focus on our effort and to do the work

5 Tips For Mind Blowing Confidence!

Here are some tips to boost your confidence as an actor!

12 Ways to Kick Ass at Improvisation

Being confident in improvisation is essential for all actors!

Should You Go to a Full-Time Acting School?

It depends on many different factors, and the decision has to be up to you, but here are some pros and cons to help you decide.

Do You Feel Like You’ve Hit a Wall In Your Acting Career?

You’re making contacts, you’re applying for roles, and you have an agent... But you never hear back, right?

When You Believe, You Will Achieve

If you’re not where you want to be yet, it’s because your mind hasn’t reached that place.

Turning Your Passion Into an Actor Survival Job

So many of us turn to the go-to survival jobs for actors: waiting tables, temp office work, promo work, nannying.

When You’re ‘The Little Guy’

As artists, it’s your job to be in touch with your emotions, but it doesn’t have to dictate your life.

Are You Really Doing Everything You Can To Further Your Acting Career?

There are so many talented actors out there, can you honestly say you are doing everything you can to further your career?

Actors… Stop Attacking Each Other!

This industry is hard enough as it is without actors criticizing each other and questioning each others choices and motivations.

Is it Time for New Headshots?

Here's 3 Questions That Will Help You Decide If You Need New Headshots