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Actors Sue SAG-AFTRA Claiming Mishandled Foreign Royalties Totaling $110 Million

Last fall a number of actors sent a letter to SAG-AFTRA that claimed that the union had not properly paid actors foreign royalty payments due to them for over a decade. SAG-AFTRA immediately dismissed the claim by pointing out that famed accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers audits the foreign royalty payments for the union.

Actors Send Letter to SAG-AFTRA Over Foreign Royalty Payments Dispute

As members of SAG-AFTRA likely know, actors receive royal payments for purchases of blank VHS tapes and DVDs, and cable reruns and rentals of media they appeared in. Often this can make up a significant amount of an actor’s yearly income. This applies to foreign countries as well, but a letter sent to SAG-AFTRA by a group of actors alleges that the union has not been paying the proper amount to actors for more than a decade.