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Hard Candy Monologue

‘Hard Candy’ (Hayley)

“They never try girls as adults. Sexist but true. Plus I’ll have the biggest legal defense fund you ever saw.”

Resons To Be Pretty monologue

‘Reasons to be Pretty’ (Carly)

“I’m very attractive. I am. I’ve always been that way but it’s no great big deal to me—if anything, it’s worked against me for most of my life.”

Marion Bridge monologue

‘Marion Bridge’ (Agnes)

“In the dream I’m drowning. But I don’t know it at first. At first I hear water and I imagine it’s going to be a lovely dream.”

Crimes of the Heart Babe Monologue

‘Crimes of the Heart’ (Babe)

“After I shot Zackery, I put the gun down on the piano bench, and then I went out into the kitchen and made up a pitcher of lemonade.”

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