Audition Preparation & Self-Tape Reader

Self Tape Reader and Audition Prep

Let’s Get You Prepared For Your Audition!

Auditioning can be nerve-wracking. Trust me, I know. I’ve probably auditioned for a thousand things by now; commercials and theatre to TV and film. I’ve done really well on a lot them and to be honest, I’ve walked away sometimes stinking up the casting directors office. Why? Because I wasn’t prepared as I should have been.

Walk into the room with confidence by preparing for your next audition!

Whether you’re a beginning actor or someone who just needs to run lines before that last minute audition, I can help. We’ll breakdown the script (or monologue) and go over the scene until you’re ready to rock that casting office!

I’m an actor* and I know how expensive everything is in our line of work. That’s why I’m offering affordable online audition prep for everything from film, TV, theater or commercials.

Online Audition Prep

How it works: Fill out the contact form below and let me know when you’re audition is and when you’d like to schedule a session. If you can, let me know any relevant information: name of the show or film and whether it’s a co-star/guest star/monologue, etc. We can do this via Zoom, Skype or Facebook Video.

Need a Reader For Your Self-Tape Audition?

It’s hard sometimes to find someone to help out with your self-taped audition. Believe me, I know! I’m here to help! Just fill out the contact form below!

*If you need more information about me, please check out my About page

Audition Prep / Self-Tape Reader Prices

  • 1/2 hour session: $25
  • 1 hour session: $45


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