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Casting Director Blames The Hollywood Reporter for ‘Dying’ Workshop Industry

Casting director Will Stewart wrote a now-deleted Facebook post accusing The Hollywood Reporter of writing a "hate piece" and that "workshops are dying" because of it.

‘Criminal Minds’ Casting Director Closes Controversial ‘The Actors Link’ Business

David is closing The Actors Link and his partner in the business, Brett Weinstock, will rebrand and reopen as ACE Studios without David's financial involvement

Casting Society of America Forming Committee to Investigate “Pay-to-Play” Workshops

CSA President Richard Hicks told The Hollywood Reporter, "We have been in communication with the city attorney's office as things come up. At the end of the day, it's up to them to enforce."

‘Vampire Diaries’ Casting Director Cancels Georgia Workshop

Greg Orson, casting director for The Vampire Diaries, has canceled his late April 29 and 30 acting workshops that were scheduled in Georgia.

‘Criminal Minds’ Casting Director Fired After Article on Casting Workshops

Is it a conflict of interest for a casting director of a popular television series to offer casting workshops to actors for a fee?

Ask a Casting Director: What Does the Path to LA Look Like?

The question every actor eventually asks themselves!

5 Reasons a Casting Director Might Not Be Seeing You

Been wondering why a Casting Director or a casting office might not be seeing you? Click here to find out why!

Interview: Casting Director Scott David

Criminal Minds Casting Director Scott David talks about actor’s being unprepared, how we can find our "type" and Beckinfield!