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Curious Labor Practices on ‘Portlandia’ Raise Eyebrows: Tweets, Casting Directors and SAG-AFTRA Collide

Ever notice how many unimportant and/or uninteresting messages people post on social networks? To get to the good stuff you often have to wade through the same inspirational quotes (which are often misattributed), pictures of meals, and broadcasts of political views that probably don’t coincide with your own. Another form of social network clog is the braggers, who often post about all the wonderful things happening in their lives. One of the worst forms of that is when a person posts about how excited he or she is to interview for a job, which is never a good idea since if you don’t get that job you’ll still have many people ask you “did you get that job?” for several weeks following. In other words… sometimes it’s better to play your cards close to your vest.