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‘Nurse Jackie’ star Merritt Wever misses “the Zoey of the early seasons”

Nurse Jackie‘s Merritt Wever became famous at the Emmys last September after her surprise win and short acceptance speech that had everyone talking. Now that the sixth season of the Showtime series has premiered, the 34-year-old actress talked to Vulture about her wacky character, Zoey Barkow. She chatted about a pivotal scene in the latest season where her boyfriend, Dr. Prentiss, is having trouble delivering news to a pal. Zoey pushes an empty chair over to give him the psychological push that he needs to tell his friend. “I didn’t come up with the chair being rolled in in that scene. ... Read more

Merritt Weaver on Her Famously Short Emmys Speech: “I was just really surprised, so I hadn’t prepared anything”

Though I am obviously very interested in the entertainment industry, I really have no interest in watching award shows.  They’re simply too long and drawn out, and too focused on sappy speeches and often badly-written jokes for my taste.  I’m not into fashion either, so the whole pageantry parade is lost on me.  Of course, I’m interested in seeing who won what awards, but that’s something I can easily look up seconds after each one is announced. However, if every speech was as classic (and short) as Nurse Jackie star Merrit Weaver‘s at last Sunday’s Emmys after winning the award ... Read more

Watch Merritt Wever Give the Best Awards Speech in the History of Awards Speeches

Merritt Wever, who got her first (and hopefully not last) Emmy Award last night, gave the single greatest award speech in the history of award shows. Wever, who stars as Zoey on Nurse Jackie, won for Supporting Actress in a Comedy and she was clearly surprised that she won. Check out what happens!