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Mark Strong Jumps Aboard the British TV Invasion in AMC’s ‘Low Winter Sun’

It often happens in the theater, but it does not happen often on TV. For British actor Mark Strong, he’s reprising his role as Frank Agnew in the new AMC series Low Winter Sun. He originally played the character in a 2006 British miniseries which was the inspiration for the American show. Strong talked to the LA Times about getting cast twice as the same character. He said, “I think [showrunner] Chris Mundy was looking for somebody who could play ‘the Mark Strong part’ until somebody said, ‘Have you asked him?’ and he said, ‘No.’ Susie [Fitzgerald], who’s the creative ... Read more

Screenplay Security: Gary Oldman and Mark Strong on the Extreme Measures Studios Go Through To Keep Them Under Wraps

Losing the script of a film you're working on is bad enough. But losing a script to one of the most anticipated sequels of all time, which also happens to be directed by one of the most tight-lipped filmmakers Christopher Nolan? That's a potential for disaster that could make a lot of very powerful people very disappointed in you.

Biography: Mark Strong

Mark Strong will soon be seen in Jean-Jacques Annaud’s “Black Gold” and Eran Creevy’s “Welcome to the Punch,” opposite James McAvoy.