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Alden Ehrenreich on Trying to “Absorb” Young Harrison Ford in the Early ‘Star Wars’ Films

Enrenreich speaks about what Ford told him about playing Han Solo and what he took from watching Ford's performance in the original films.

Mark Hamill: “You don’t need the spotlight… to really enjoy performing”

"Doing voiceover work reminded me how much I enjoy performing without doing a curtain call or being recognized." - Mark Hamill

Watch: Mark Hamill’s Audition for ‘Star Wars’

In this audition clip, an extremely young-looking Hamill is a little soft-spoken as he auditions opposite Harrison Ford.

Harrison Ford on Playing Han Solo Again in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’: “Another day at the office”

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens is that it features the returns of many members of the original cast. The most exciting return is that of Harrison Ford, who has been by far the most successful original cast member since the original Star Wars in 1977. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ford reveals his thoughts on returning to playing Han Solo, jokes about working with Star Wars creator George Lucas, and why he doesn’t take Star Wars as seriously as its fans. When asked if he ever wondered about another actor taking ... Read more

Screenplay: ’42’

42: The story of Jackie Robinson from his signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers organization in 1945 to his historic 1947 rookie season when he broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball. Writer/Director:  Brian Helgeland Cast: Chadwick Boseman, Harrison Ford, Christopher Meloni,  as Leo Durocher, John C. McGinley, Lucas Black, Alan Tudyk, T. R. Knight, Hamish Linklater Click here for the script to 42

Harrison Ford Says He Could Beat Up Mark Hamill, Whether Han or Greedo Shot First and How He Ended up in ‘The Expendables 3’,

Acting legend Harrison Ford isn’t known for being candid in interviews, so it was a big surprise that during his Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit this past weekend to promote the Showtime documentary series Years of Living Dangerously Ford was remarkably open about his career. He even cracked a few jokes. For example, Ford’s response to the question of who would win in a fight between he and Star Wars co-star Mark Hamill was brief and humorously to the point: “Me, of course.” Though Ford thinks highly of the classic sci-fi film Blade Runner that he starred in ... Read more

Harrison Ford on the pleasures “of being a character actor”

After a long career in Hollywood, Harrison Ford feels his characters can finally be separated from his off-screen persona.  In 42 (now out on DVD), Ford played Branch Rickey in a fat suit—a process he found liberating.  Now, the actor is getting the chance to take on more challenging roles. “The form of film in the ‘70s and ‘80s and early ‘90s, when I was working more and playing leading-man roles, was such that I always felt the burden of having to carry the audience along,” he said in an interview with The New York Times.  “Of making sure that ... Read more

Harrison Ford on How He Chooses Roles and Where the “Real Fun” is When He’s Acting

Harrison Ford has come a long way from Indiana Jones and Han Solo.  He’s currently appearing in the thriller, Paranoia, which is a far cry from his famous action heroes of the past. “This was a character that I hadn’t played before and I enjoy working,” he said in an interview with Yahoo! News.  “I’m not good at sitting still.  For me it’s the intellectual exercise.  The real fun comes in solving problems—massaging a line into shape, making the rhythm of a scene work, getting the right blocking so it feels natural and easy.  When I don’t get to do ... Read more

Jane Lynch Talks Broadway, the “Mistake” of Moving to New York When She Was a Young Actress and the Advice Harrison Ford Gave Her

Five years ago Jane Lynch was best known for her hilarious appearances in Christopher Guest's ensemble mockumentaries and doing abbreviated runs on soon-to-be-canceled television series. Though she was a familiar face, she never seemed to reach her potential. Then came Glee and her career-changing starring role as Sue Sylvester... and Lynch's world has never been the same since

Biography: Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford has starred in some of the most successful and acclaimed films in cinema history, including the landmark “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” franchises and a total of eight Best Picture Oscar®-nominated movies.

Alan Tudyk on Playing Racist Baseball Manager in ’42’: “It would leave a stain on your mood, and put you into a bad mood into the next day”

In a movie that deals with racial prejudice like 42, naturally the roles most people would want to play are the characters who overcome racism, like Jackie Robinson (portrayed by Chadwick Boseman) and Branch Rickey (portrayed by Harrison Ford).

Harrison Ford on Playing the Real-Life Branch Rickey in Jackie Robinson Biopic ’42’

It's almost impossible to believe that Harrison Ford is now seventy and is now a regular in "older men" roles. But the seemingly ageless Ford has put Indiana Jones behind him (well, most hope) in order to appear in more dramatic roles, such as the Jackie Robinson biopic 42. Ford stars as Branch Rickey, the general manager who initially signed Robinson to a minor league contract and later called him to the major leagues, making Robinson the first professional African-American baseball player in the modern era.

Harrison Ford talks ‘Morning Glory’, Rachel McAdams and Why He Can’t Pick a Favorite Role

Harrison Ford talks about the film, working with Rachel McAdams and why he can't pick a favorite role.