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Interview: Gotham’s Chris Chalk on Playing Lucius Fox, Bad Auditions and Why He Likes Helping Young Actors

"Learn what you are as an artist, what your brand is and what you really want. Instead of letting the industry dictate it for you." - Chris Chalk

Casting Directors Sherry Thomas & Gohar Gazazyan Discuss Casting ‘Gotham’, Self-Taped Auditions and More

"We look for somebody who can elevate the material, which is very important when you’re looking at so many actors for a specific role."

Watch: Jada Pinkett Smith on Her Career, First Role and ‘Gotham’

Jada Pinkett Smith shares plenty of funny and inspirational stories from her career in this video conversation

Robin Lord Taylor on How ‘Gotham’ Has Changed His Life: “My identity until this was that of a struggling actor”

"There’s a fleeting sense of comfort. My health insurance isn’t going to lapse for a while, that’s nice." - Robin Lord Taylor on Being a Series Regular

Q & A: Jada Pinkett Smith on the Acting Challenges of ‘Gotham’ and Finding Fish Mooney

"Finding where you need to be emotionally, or how grounded you need to be in a scene or how far you can actually go with the color of the Fish Mooney sometimes tend to be a bit challenging" - Jada Pinkett Smith

Ben McKenzie Talks ‘Gotham’ in this Google+ Hangout

McKenzie speaks about his appreciation for the Batman universe, what it feels like to portray an outsider character like Gordon

Watch Ben McKenzie and the Cast of ‘Gotham’ in this SAG Foundation Video

Fans of Gotham are eagerly anticipating the return of the series after a few weeks hiatus tonight on Fox (although don’t get too excited — after tonight the next episode won’t air until January 19). Shortly before the series went on hiatus, several of the main cast members participated in a conversation for the Screen Actors Guild Foundation moderated by Damian Holbrook from TV Guide Magazine. Featuring Ben McKenzie (Jim Gordon), Jada Pinkett Smith (Fish Mooney), Victoria Cartagena (Renee Montoya), Cory Michael Smith (Edward Nygma), and Andrew Stewart-Jones (Crispus Allen), the cast spoke about working on the popular series, including ... Read more

Q & A: Gotham’s Nicholas D’Agosto on the Challenges of Playing Harvey Dent

D'Agosto chats about the challenges of his character, his audition and his first day on-set.

Q & A: Robin Lord Taylor Talks ‘Gotham’, Finding Oswald and the Best “Random Thing” He Did To Start His Career

Robin Lord Taylor talks about Gotham, finding inspiration, how he got the role and tons more!

Q & A: Gotham’s Ben McKenzie on Villains, Co-Stars and Not Being Afraid of Growing a Mustache

Ben McKenzie stars as James Gordon in FOX’s new hit drama, Gotham. The show is basically the origin story of a young Bruce Wayne and Batman’s greatest villains. Along the way, we get to follow Gordon’s rise to the man we will soon come to know as Batman’s most trusted ally. The show also stars Robin Lord Taylor, Jada Pinkett Smith, Erin Richards, Zabryna Guevara and Donal Logue. McKenzie recently participated in a conference call to promote the show (not that it needs any promotion, it’s doing great in the ratings), where he talked about being in the world of ... Read more