Watch: Emilia Clarke’s Audition for the Film, ‘Belle’

Emilia Clarke's audition for the 2013 period drama 'Belle', for the role of Elizabeth, ended up going to another actress.

You may have heard about a show that recently aired its season finale, Game of Thrones. And you may have heard that the final season was not quite universally loved.

Regardless of your thoughts on the finale of the fan-favorite HBO series, Game of Thrones has featured some incredible performances and has introduced audiences to a number of now-famous actors over its eight-season run. Among the most famous is Emilia Clarke, who portrayed Daenerys Targaryen on the series.

Clarke was cast in the role to replace Tamzin Merchant, who portrayed Daenerys in the original Game of Thrones pilot. Likewise, the above audition represents a time when Clarke auditioned for a role that she didn’t land. In this case, it is an audition for the 2013 period drama Belle, where she auditioned for the role of Elizabeth, which ended up going to Sarah Gadon. Nonetheless, it’s very easy to see bits and pieces of Clarke’s portrayal of Daenerys in this earlier audition.

You can watch the whole audition above!

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