Watch: Ben Stiller, Jon Cryer, Billy Zane & Kyra Sedgwick Audition for ‘Back to the Future’


Back to the Future is one of those movies that seems like it’s perfectly cast — even though principal photography started with Eric Stoltz in the role of Marty McFly before the filmmakers hired Michael J. Fox.

As fascinating as it is to see footage of Stolz as McFly, it’s just as interesting to consider the other hopefuls for the McFly role and other roles. A number of actors who remain famous to this day auditioned for roles in Back to the Future, including Ben Stiller and Jon Cryer (who auditioned to play McFly), Billy Zane (who auditioned to play Biff) and Kyra Sedgwick (who auditioned to play Jennifer). Of the four, only Zane appears in the film, but as one of Biff’s henchmen.

As we know now, the film wouldn’t have been the same with a different cast. But it’s still fun to check out the auditions of these young hopeful.

You can watch clips from all four auditions above!

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