Theater for One “The Best Peep Show” NYC Has to Offer


If you’re looking to take a date to a theater show on a beautiful New York summer evening, you might want to steer away from Times Square’s Theater for One. Once you buy your ticket, there won’t be a seat for your guest at the performance, which features one actor playing to a lone audience member.

“A certain amount of physical intimacy between strangers is unavoidable in New York, but in a crowded subway or elevator the rules of decorum insist that we all pretend we’re traveling in our own private, sound-and-sense-proof booths. There’s no taking refuge in a shared fantasy of isolation at Theater for One,” writes Charles Isherwood in a positive review for the New York Times.

Paying homage to the peep shows that ubiquitously populated New York City during the early 20th century, Theater for One hosts short performances of Zayd Dohrn’s Legerdemain and Jacquelyn Reingold’s Up and Down.
“Pop in to Theater for One and you may emerge with a firmer conviction to pay attention — to anything and everything,” Isherwood continues. “As I wandered off, I even found myself taking unusual interest in the meandering hordes of tourists in Times Square. And I discovered that it’s still the best peep show in town.”

Theater of One is located in Times Square at Duffy Square, Broadway at 46th Street. Playing through Sunday. Running time: 5 to 10 minutes.

Via the New York Times

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