Vin Diesel’s On-Set Trailer is Bigger Than My Apartment


Vin Diesel‘s on-set trailer is probably nicer than your place and your friend’s place and unfortunately, it’s definitely nice than my apartment.

The custom designed 1,100 square foot trailer is a 2-story pop-out, took about 3 years to make and cost about 1.1 million dollars.

Pocket change!

It’s got a media lounge, an office and a kids play area upstairs.

I’m suddenly feeling very inadequate.

Check it out below.


  1. The madness of “stars”, and the ridiculous amount of luxury they are rewarded with whether it be clothing, divas in glittery jumpsuits, jewelry, cars, fancy trailers proves, once again, that fame is measured in money, not talent. It’s really unnerving, and will never change…look at all the press that Jay-Z receives, most of it referring to his over-the-top lifestyle, not his talent. Welcome to America.

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