5 Clips from ‘The Sitter’ starring Jonah Hill and Sam Rockwell

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Here’s 5 clips from the upcoming Jonah Hill movie, The Sitter. Or as some people are calling it, the remake to ‘Adventures in Babysitting But With a Guy’.

Yeah, it totally looks like a remake of that film – which is still funny to this day – but I’ll admit that I want to see it. Looks pretty funny to me.

And you can never go wrong when you have Sam Rockwell playing the bad guy.

Check out the clips below.


Noah (Jonah Hill) decides to babysit


Noah (Jonah Hill) does not like having perfume sprayed in his mouth


Noah (Jonah Hill) gets called out


Noah (Jonah Hill) flees from a restaurant


Noah (Jonah Hill) throws a bomb


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  1. Ken Murray via Facebook on

    Liked it better the first time I saw it when it was called Adventures in Babysitting 🙂

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