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Terri White, “Follies” at the Kennedy Center

“Knowing the history of black performers,” White explains, “actual follies didn’t have black female dancers. If you were black, you only did a specialty act—if you were lucky. I put that knowledge into Stella.”

Audiences Letting Broadway Come to Them

“We thought it would be a great marketing tool, particularly for the road, and we were enamored of the idea of capturing the original company,” Memphis co-producer Sue Frost is quoted as saying.

Daniel Radcliffe: “This is a Huge Year for Me”

“I wanted to make sure people knew that I wanted to work and I didn’t necessarily want to take the easy option of just immediately signing up to a ten-part fantasy series,” the English actor explained.

Laryngologist Offers Advice for Singers

“Don’t abuse your speaking voice,” “Warm up at the same time every day,” “Sing within your vocal range,” “Drink lots of water,” “Don’t smoke” and “Drink moderately and avoid loud bars.”

‘Jerusalem’ Comes to Broadway

When Jerusalem opens Thursday night, New York will no doubt find a fresh and able cast directed by Ian Rickson, including Mackenzie Crook (star of runaway hit sitcom The Office), John Gallagher, Jr., and Max Baker, ready to offer unusually bright theater in the Broadway main ring.

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