What Comes First… An Agent of Acting Jobs?

Get tips on how to empower yourself and attract representation by stepping up and acting like your own dream agent

Written by Dallas Travers, CEC

I wish I had a dollar for every time an actor told me about an agent or manager meeting that ended with this: “We like you. You’re talented. But you don’t have enough credits yet. Once you get some recognizable credits, come back to us.”

How’s that for a classic Actor Catch-22?

Don’t get frustrated, get started!

Watch this week’s Acting Business Bite video to get tips on how to empower yourself and ATTRACT representation by stepping up and acting like your own dream agent.

Let’s brainstorm together! In the comments box below the video, tell me one bold action you can take to be the best agent you ever had. I’m sure together, we can form an awesome list!

Respected as one of the entertainment industry’s leading experts, Dallas Travers teaches actors the career and life skills often left out of traditional training programs. Her groundbreaking book, The Tao of Show Business, has won over five awards including first prizes at The Hollywood Book Festival and the London Festival along with the National Indie Excellence Award. She has helped thousands of actors to increase their auditions, produce their own projects, secure representation and book roles in film and television.

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1 thought on “What Comes First… An Agent of Acting Jobs?”

  1. You are very inspiring. I plan to come out to LA, with a job transfer, car, and saved up money. I do have experience in Acting. However, I made a decision that I willing enough to accept the fact that I will be a freshman all over again in Hollywood but Hollywood will be University. I give myself 10 years to make a living. No, not for stardom, fame or fortune (though, those are tempting things) but to build my life and make a honest living. I wouldn’t care if this was a 50k salary industry…I’d still do it. I don’t say 10 years to set myself up for failure but that time is everything.

    Right now, I am working at starbucks and I’m hoping that down the road I can maintain without a job and be a fulltime actor. I guess this question maybe a joke but how does one maintain a living without a job draining or bringing them down since it can take up their time in their craft? Are there any solutions to this?

    Again, thanks for the video and I hope to see more of you, soon. God Bless.

    -Roger Sands

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