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Watch: Kelly Marie Tran’s ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Audition

The video features clips of Tran's audition and includes clips of director Rian Johnson explaining what he was looking for in casting Rose

Watch: Daisy Ridley’s ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Audition

Ridely was asked to perform one of the movie's most intense scenes -- the torture scene with Kylo Ren -- during her audition.

Watch: Equity’s “How To” Self-Tape Guide

Equity UK has released this video filled with tips on how to make your self-tape videos look more professional.

Watch: Denzel Washington Explains Why He Passed on a Role Early in His Career

Washington explains why he turned down a role -- and how it worked out for the best.

Watch: SAG Conversations on Broadway with Andy Karl

Karl recalls his highs and lows on stages and reveals the charming side that has made him a huge star.

Watch: SAG Conversations with Alexander Skarsgard of ‘Big Little Lies’

Skarsgard talks about his career and work on HBO's 'Big Little Lies'

Watch: SAG Conversations with Actors from Broadway’s ‘Hamilton’

The cast speaks about filling the big shoes of the original cast and performing in perhaps the most popular American musical in decades.

Watch: SAG Conversations with Billy Bob Thornton of ‘Goliath’

Thornton talks about playing a character that some would say is fairly typical for him as well as his career as a whole.

Watch: Josh Holloway’s ‘Lost’ Audition

Holloway's audition demonstrates the charm that worked so well for the character.

Watch: Matthew Fox’s ‘Lost’ Audition

The audition clip shows why Fox won over Abrams.

Watch: SAG Conversations with David Harbour of ‘Stranger Things’

Harbour speaks about his recent career surge and working on the hugely-successful Netflix series.

Watch: SAG Conversations with Octavia Spencer

Spencer talks about her craft and how she manages to stand out as a performer.

Watch: SAG Conversations with Kurt Russell

You can watch the Hollywood legend talk about his craft in the video!

Watch: SAG Conversations with Lauren Graham of ‘Gilmore Girls’

Graham speaks about returning to the role that brought her fame nearly ten years after the series ended.

Watch: Conversations with Miles Teller and Aaron Eckhart of ‘Bleed for This’

Teller and Eckhart speak about preparing to portray a boxer and his trainer in this inspirational comeback story.

Watch: A SAG Foundation Conversation with Dennis Quaid

Quaid speaks about his career at length and his most memorable roles.

Watch: Krysten Ritter Discusses Her Mentor Relationship with Her Acting Teacher

Ritter speaks about her relationship with Ballentine, how her support helped her survive in LA and how it has made her a better actress.

Watch: SAG Conversations with Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant and Simon Helberg of ‘Florence Foster Jenkins’

Streep, Grant, and Helberg speak about working on the film and finding their characters, all of whom were based on real-life individuals.

Watch: Emma Stone and J.K. Simmons Talk ‘La La Land’

The pair spoke about the challenges of working on a musical and working with Chazelle on his dream project.