Fools Rush In
    The Leftovers’ Carrie Coon: “It’s Hollywood that lacks imagination. Actors don’t”
    "Literature has always been the greatest fuel for my imagination." - Carrie Coon
    Second Guessing Yourself as an Actor? Brie Larson Does It Too
    "I guess the truth is, for me, no matter what recognition I get, I think I am always going to question myself." - Brie Larson
    Jim Broadbent: “When the industry moved more into character roles, I was already there.”
    "The system has changed now, there are more varied roles, partly because there’s so much more television and so much less theatre." - Jim Broadbent
    Stanley Tucci on Film Actors Doing Television Roles and Finding Jack Warner
    "You’re a film actor, you’re a TV actor. To me, you’re an actor. Just act." - Stanley Tucci
    Bill Nighy on Why He Doesn’t Watch His Own Movies: “All I see are my mistakes”
    "Generally, every morning, I have to start from scratch." - Bill Nighy on Being an Actor