Yearly Archives: 2011

Reddit Turned Actor Nate Dern into a Viral Star

Nate Dern, who posted on Reddit about a commercial he recently appeared in: “Hi Reddit. After three years of auditioning, I booked my first commercial. I say ‘Huh?’ in this AT&T spot. Just wanted to share.”

Alan Rickman: “You can’t judge the character you’re playing, ever”

Alan Rickman doesn’t appear on the New York stage very often, so when he does it’s a cause to pay attention. One of the few great English actors who hasn’t gotten a well-deserved “Sir” in front of his name yet, Rickman has returned to the New York stage in Seminar, which also features Jerry O’Connell.

Are You Allergic to Structure?

The secret to juggling your day job and your personal commitments with your acting opportunities is structure

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